Types of Product Certification

Certification according to EU harmonization legislation
Under our authorizations, we carry out product certifications according to European Union harmonization regulations as a notified body, namely notified body 1019. The certificate is the basis for the manufacturer to issue an EU Declaration of Conformity and to affix the CE marking to the product.

Certification within the scope of accreditation
As a product certification body, we are accredited according to the EN ISO/IEC 17065 standard and we carry out certification according to a number of European and international standards. The certificates issued are recognized in all European accreditation member states and in a number of other countries. In many cases, these certificates are an essential part of the product’s technical documentation and form the basis for issuing a declaration of conformity, e.g. in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17050 - 1.

Certification under the VVUÚ brand
As a certification body, VVUÚ is a recognized authority in the field. We carry out certifications under the VVUÚ brand in accordance with the same rules and schemes as certification within the scope of accreditation. This is type certification carried out in accordance with a standard or other technical regulation. The quality of this service is guaranteed by the expertise of VVUÚ and the experts who perform the evaluation and certification.

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